Stable Production

Steady and Skilled Team


  • ­110+ Full-time employees and 7*24 three-shift

  • ­Employees from local and downtown areas (daily shuttle bus)

  • ­Skilled and experienced workers (90% between 25-40 yrs. old)

  • ­20% more salary than the local average

  • Social security and medicare obeying national laws and standards

National Environmental Protection and Safety Certifications

  • ­Passed all national environmental protection certifications

  • ­Strictly obeying all national safety laws and regulations

  • ­Orders doubled during 2017 when the Chinese government began taking zero tolerance on environmental and safety issues

In-house Inspection, Machining, Polishing, and Surface Treatment


  • ­Major processes are finished in-house including pickling and passivating

  • ­Most machining, especially complex machining is finished in-house

  • ­Our CNC machine tools, technical support, and automation upgrading is available from our subsidiary company

Exceptional Quality

All jobs must follow Standard Operating Procedures and all products must pass QC standards before delivery.


SOP Cards for Ceramic Shelling


Visual Inspection (Final)

All metals will be tested before and after the casting process. Besides regular mechanical tests, metals will be analyzed by a spark emission spectrometer.

The spectrometer in our testing center is the Bruker Q8 Magellan with 36 customized channels which enables superb accuracy, flexibility, and reliability.

Samples will be stored for at least 18 months

Fast Delivery

Convenient location and

Efficient traffic enables

Fast delivery

94 miles Highway to

Jinan International Airport

134 miles Highway to

Port of Qingdao

97 miles Highspeed Railway to

Port of Rizhao


2.5-hr Drive to Port of Qingdao

(18,260m TEUs in 2017 #8 in the world)


3 stops to Port of Rizhao

(3,010m TEUs in 2016)

Trough Shanxi–Henan–Shandong Railway

(world's longest heavy freight railway )


1.5-hr Drive to

Jinan International Airport


Port of Vancouver

Port of Seattle

16 days

Port of Los Angeles

17 days

Port of Montreal

22 days

Port of New York

28 days

Port of Savannah

29 days

Port of Houston

24 days

Upgrading Capabilities

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient products with a fast delivery time. Therefore, we always choose the optimized manufacturing processes for our products. With support from our own machine tool department and our subsidiary company (EVER automation),  we are able to upgrade our production lines to fully automatic if there are stable large quantity order requests.

Grip from Schunk
Grip from Schunk

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Schunk Grip with Lathe
Schunk Grip with Lathe

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Grip from Schunk
Grip from Schunk

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