Wax Patterns

Semi-Automatic Two-Station wax injectors and premium wax guarantee ±0.15mm tolerance for our casting parts.

Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Tool

Shell Making

Shells are made of the mixture of premium colloidal silica, Australia-imported zircon powder and sand to ensure the best smooth finish on the surface.

Temperature, humidity, wind speed is strictly controlled in the drying room to ensure the stability of product quality.

Dewaxing,Preheating and Pouring

Various CNC/conventional machines are available for lathing, milling, drilling, cutting and grinding.

Quantum VM100R VersaTek

High Precision Mold Machining


VM1000R Machining Center

Efficient Machining

EVER HT180SYR Turn-Mill Center

with 2 spindles, Y-axis and 16-Tool Servo Turret for Complex Rotary Parts


Divesting, Polishing and Shaping

Member of

Investment Casting Institute

American Foundry Society

Association of Manufacturing Technology

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